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Swenk Today: The Digital Marketing Agency Show

Jan 24, 2018

Customer service should be your #1 priority for growing your marketing agency. I think this is so often overlooked but it can be a real competitive advantage for your marketing agency.

I had someone buy my agency documents and then send me a message telling me it was a rip off. I immediately got offended by their comment because I'm totally sincere and only put out my best stuff so I'd never rip someone off. But, instead of getting pissed off right away, I got to the root of their problem and was able to solve it, and keep this guy as a fan again.

When you have a confrontation with a client or hear from a dissatisfied customers think of the big picture. Take time to listen to the whole story instead of getting defensive right away.

Remember your intentions for being in business and make sure your account management team knows how to handle situations that may arise. Most of the time, client issues boil down to being a misunderstanding or something that needs further clarification. I think we are usually quick to chalk things up to being a "bad client" when really something got lost in translation.

Ultimately, a disgruntled client can do A LOT more damage to you and your agency's reputation. Most of the time this can be avoided by hearing them out and making it right.

Got a client story to share? Tell me about your customer service challenges by commenting below.