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Swenk Today: The Digital Marketing Agency Show

Sep 17, 2019

Are you running your agency with broken parts? I know many of us are thrown into agency life without structure or systems in place. It's a lot like riding a mountain bike without a seat. (Yes, I actually saw someone doing this!) In this video, I'm going to talk about what it means to "ride without a seat" in your agency and how it's hurting your growth.

Many of us are accidental agency owners, right? You knew how to do something cool and people were willing to pay you for it. So, you started an agency and were forced to become reactionary to everything being thrown at you. That's like riding a bike without a seat -- you are forced to pedal and you can never just sit down and coast.

So, I actually saw a guy riding a mountain bike without a seat. And what I noticed was that his seat was actually broken and he had is strapped to wear the water bottle belongs. But rather than walking the bike back or leave it on the trail, he rode it without the seat even though it would be uncomfortable.

It's kind of like running an agency when you start thinking about strategies or new systems to implement, you're not going to abandon your agency - you're going to ride without a seat for awhile. It might be uncomfortable but it gets the job done.

Look, I ride my mountain bike all the time and sitting down has to be part of it. When I'm going uphill I sit and downhill, I stand. Sometimes you have to sit... so you can't operate properly without a seat!

I talk with a ton of agency owners and when they take the time to work on the foundations and gain clarity they think they need to start over or abandon their broken bike. You can always fix! Just keep riding!

I'd love to hear your comments below. Tell me what challenges you're experiencing with your agency and what advice do you need?

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Fresh out of college Jason was off to work for Arthur Anderson, one of the big 5 consulting firms. He quickly realized that he could never work for anyone other than himself. He decided to change direction, launch a digital agency that quickly grew to a multi-million dollar operation working with brands such as AT&T, Hitachi and Lotus Cars. After 12 years of steady growth, the agency caught the attention of bigger agencies and Jason sold it in 2012.
Now, Jason leads, a unique media company & consultancy helping marketing agencies grow & scale their agencies faster by applying the framework that he used to grow, scale and eventually sell his agency. Jason has helped over 10,000 agencies in 23 countries meet or exceed their business goals.
Jason currently hosts two shows that are available for download…

The Smart Agency Master Class Podcast, dedicated to providing tactics and strategies to agency owners and decision-makers that cut through the BS, focus on exactly what works and what doesn’t; and

SwenkToday a weekly VLOG that documents the entrepreneur journey of building another multimillion-dollar business, where he shares the latest strategies and answers the most burning questions entrepreneurs have. 

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